Orthotrauma is a part-time associated group practice that offers after-hours orthopaedic emergencies only. The practice consists of a group of newly qualified orthopaedic surgeons that are invited by established orthopaedic surgeons to cover after hours orthopaedic emergency service at their hospitals. We operate at several hospitals in the Northern Suburbs of Cape town and up the West Coast. 

We not only ensure high-quality care, but we will also take the time to help patients understand how each procedure is to be performed. We also explain the importance of self-monitoring and following your doctor’s guidelines post-surgery. Optimising healthcare in order to assist patients back to productivity is our mission. We undertake to not only provide quality care and treatment but also to ensure that our services are affordable and accessible. 

Orthotrauma offers a new standard of medical excellence with our philosophy of orthopaedic care. Using the latest orthopaedic techniques, we help restore the maximum function possible in light of trauma and are committed to providing the best orthopaedic care in a supportive environment.