Teaching Experience

Preclinical Musculoskeletal Anatomy 371 


2019-2021 Co-presented with Mr Bryan Bergsteedt. 

Kinesiology 814 

Msc Eng Sci Biomedical Engineering 

(Institute for Biomedical Engineering, IBE) 

2021-Reconceptualised module content with Mr Jaudon Foiret. 

Anatomy for Sports Medicine. 

MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine 

(Institute for Sports and Exercise Medicine, ISEM) 

2019 and 2021-Developed module content and practical session with Prof Wayne Dermann. 

Gross Regional Anatomy Module 

BSc (Hons) Clinical Anatomy 

2019 and 2021-Practical supervision of dissection projects of BSc Hons Anatomy students. 

Virtual journal club 

BSc Hons Clinical Anatomy 

2020 and 2021-Co- chaired with Ms Kerri A. Keet. 

Synchronous (MS Teams) & Asynchronous (WhatsApp) forum exploring research ethics & scientific writing. 

Student Electives 


Internal Supervisor: 

-Liam Blumeris (SU no: 20124198) 

-Sam-Alaina September (SU no: 19800568) 

External Supervisor: 

-Aelke van der Venter (SU no: 19392885) 


Internal Supervisor: 

-Sam-Alaina September (SU no: 19800568) 

-Lune Smith (SU no:19937067) 

-Shilpa Ramasar (SU no: 19891245 

IDEAL Rotation MBChB Student Interns 


Stephan Basson (SU no: 19836104) 

Stephanie Brunke (SU no: 19037783) 

Sumaya De Villiers (SU no: 19946120) 

Stephanie Jacobs (SU no: 20332114) 

Sumayah Mia (SU no: 20088485) 

Sunita Potgieter (SU no: 13857320) 


Jameela Harris (SU no:18392598) 

Jessica Mugambe (SU no:20705093) 

Muneera Sunge (SU no:20106602) 

Nicole Petersen (SU no:20778767)