International Research Collaboration 

 Bakeng se Afrika (2019 – current) 

International collaborative research project (Leuven, Coimbra, UP, SMA & SUN). 

Aim: to create a data repository of anthropological imaging data for research. 

My contributions included: 

  • Being part of organizing committee: ‘Kick-start meeting’ in Feb 2019 at University of Pretoria.
  • Faculty at ‘Forensic Bone Trauma Workshop’ in Coimbra University Portugal

(2-6 Sept 2019) as mentioned above. 

  • Faculty at Beatings, Bullets and Broken Bones, Medical and Forensic Bone Trauma

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University. 

29 Nov – 1 Dec 2021 


Prinshof Campus, University of Pretoria 

1 – 3 Nov 2021 

  • Writing of research protocols and submission to radio-tomography unit at Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) to Micro-CT specimens from the Kirsten Skeletal Collection
  • Transport of specimens from the Kirsten Skeletal Collection to NECSA in November 2019 for scanning.


International Research Project (2020 – current) 

 Variation, covariation, adaptation and evolution of nasal cavity and nasal airways. 

Principle Investigator (University of Bordeaux): Ms Laura Marechal 

Project contributes toward PhD 

Research Supervisor (University of Bordeaux): Dr Yann Heuze 

Co-investigator (South Africa): Dr Rudolph G Venter 

South African co-investigator on a collaborative, data-sharing project with Bordeaux University 

I assisted with Data Transfer Agreement (DTA), HREC clearance and local data collection.